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Recipe: Detox Smoothie

28 Dec

Blurgh and/or Argggh.

I have, as always, been over indulging this fine festive season and the great thing about this excessive period is the SHIT LOAD OF FOOD IN MY HOUSE to make me feel better.

So stumbling out of bed this morning, I decided to make an alarmingly full fruit bowl my saviour.

I didn’t bother to follow a recipe, I just chucked in anything my screaming innards demanded. But what came out was sweet, zingy and comforting, hurray! Everything you need on a cold grey hangover day.

Pineapple, Melon, Clementine and Ginger Smoothie

Everything-Is-Going-To-Be-Ok Smoothie

Everything-Is-Going-To-Be-Ok Smoothie

Chuck into a blender a handful each of chopped pineapple, melon and ice.

Add the juice of 4 clementines and a teaspoon of grated ginger

Turn that bad boy on and get blitzing (cover your ears at this point if feeling fragile)

Serve in tall glass with a slice of clementine and ginger (the prettiness will make you feel good too)

Enjoy whilst reading the Hobbit for the ba-gillionth time or watching crap Christmas films on the telly.