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Recipe: Detox Smoothie

28 Dec

Blurgh and/or Argggh.

I have, as always, been over indulging this fine festive season and the great thing about this excessive period is the SHIT LOAD OF FOOD IN MY HOUSE to make me feel better.

So stumbling out of bed this morning, I decided to make an alarmingly full fruit bowl my saviour.

I didn’t bother to follow a recipe, I just chucked in anything my screaming innards demanded. But what came out was sweet, zingy and comforting, hurray! Everything you need on a cold grey hangover day.

Pineapple, Melon, Clementine and Ginger Smoothie

Everything-Is-Going-To-Be-Ok Smoothie

Everything-Is-Going-To-Be-Ok Smoothie

Chuck into a blender a handful each of chopped pineapple, melon and ice.

Add the juice of 4 clementines and a teaspoon of grated ginger

Turn that bad boy on and get blitzing (cover your ears at this point if feeling fragile)

Serve in tall glass with a slice of clementine and ginger (the prettiness will make you feel good too)

Enjoy whilst reading the Hobbit for the ba-gillionth time or watching crap Christmas films on the telly.


Waste Not, Want Not: Feeding5000

4 Dec


One of the enormous vats of vegetable curry

One of the enormous vats of vegetable curry

Just over a week ago, I found myself in Dublin, huddled in a soviet style tent for a free lunch.  In a bid to raise awareness on food waste, a British group called Feeding5k served up 5000 portions of vegetable curry made completely from food that would have otherwise been thrown out, washed down with freshly pressed juice made from apples that were left to rot on the trees of UCD.

Queues for a free lunch

Queues for a free lunch

All the apples "gleaned" from trees in UCD

All the apples “gleaned” from trees in UCD

The apples shredded before being squeezed

The apples shredded before being squeezed

One of the volunteers explaining how the apple press worked

One of the volunteers explaining how the apple press worked

Our free vegetable curry with poppadoms and apple juice

Our free vegetable curry with poppadoms and apple juice

All the vegetables used were gleaned from local farms, gleaning, as I learned that day, was once a tradition where the local people would harvest the surplus crop of commercial farmers. In today’s context, organisations like the Gleaning Network UK link farmers that are unable to harvest their vegetables because “they fail to meet the retail’s strict cosmetic standards or because of overproduction” and redistribute them to homeless shelters.

On their website, they quote from Tristram Stuart’s Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal that the “world’s nearly one billion hungry people could be lifted out of malnourishment on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe” alone. That for me is a mind boggling figure, especially when we see, due to rising food prices, that food poverty  is now on our own doorsteps.

While 25% of our household food is thrown out there is currently over 10% of the Irish population living in food poverty. With ever rising food costs, it seems insane that we, as a nation, are throwing away a quarter of our food. That is like me taking a quarter of my shopping budget for the week, changing it into 1 cent coins and throwing it at annoying people on the street. Great laugh in the short run, shameful (and most likely incriminating) in hindsight. (I don’t think that metaphor really works but main thing here is it’s all pretty stupid.)

So, thanks to Feeding5k, I have now decided, over the next few weeks, to try and reduce my food waste in hopes to:

a)      Ease my (now guilty) conscience


b)      Keep those much needed pennies in my pocket

Who knows, maybe it’ll work.

Watch this space.