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A Kamikaze in Florence

3 Jun

A few days ago I was in Florence, on a pit stop on the way to here where I am living for the next three months working the land, eating  food and just generally living in countryside bliss.

Foreseeing the next 3 months to be one of hard labour and dusty clothes, I decided to enjoy my last night being a cosmopolitan woman of the world. So I threw on my glad rags and arrived at Borgo Antico, one of the many busy trattorias lining the Piazza di Santo Spirito, that overflows with hip young Italians clutching cocktails and cigarettes. After a quick check of my ever reliable Italian app I asked  the waiter for a table for one on the terrace where I envisioned sitting with a glass of prosecco, some aperitivo while watching the Italian world go by.

However, this was  not to be.

I was squeezed into the bottom of a large table filled with what I can only describe as The Godfather’s extras reject party. They looked up at me just long enough to throw a look of disdain before returning to their antipasto and beers. With slight less confidence, I ordered a starter of grilled seafood whilst trying to grapple back an air of cool sophistication.

Sophistication, also, was not to meant to be.

My waiter arrived with an Olympus mountain of seafood, clearly meant for a family or possible rugby team to share. The new addition along with my increasingly reddening face however seemed to warm my mafia dinner companions to me, with Tony#3 beside me laughing “Piano! Piano!” (“Slowly! Slowly!”) whilst I ate.

Though embarrassing in size this was the most well cooked platter of seafood I have tasted. This was everything I though Italian food would be, uncomplicated cooking and quality fresh ingredients : plump mussels and clams, the largest and sweetest whole prawns I have ever eaten and tender calamari rings cooked in garlic, parsley, white wine, butter and of course their own juices. Oh dear sweet Neptune yes!

So, a suave cosmopolitan I may not be but a blissfully full foodie I am.

A dopo!