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Ladies Who Lunch: Belles Tearooms

29 Apr

In a family full of grown up women like mine there is always a need for a quick caffeine fuelled catch up ( though it’s rarely quick and it’s never just coffee) and of late, our new coffee haunt has become Belles Tearooms . It’s all just so fantastically girly and one cannot help but giggle and simper and coo at all it’s lovely-ness. I swear, I saw a fully grown man  sitting beside us giggling and sipping daintly from a china cup, his pinky stuck out proud. That’s the kind of place we’re dealing with here.

Top notch coffee comes in a mismatch of china cups, hot chocolate in individual teapots and the food is so god damn tasty, to the point of obscene. Their short menu contains filled sandwiches, salads and cakes. And that’s it. No soups of the day, no full fry up, no carvery dinners, which is why they get to keep the quality high and the prices very reasonable. I have already established a firm favorite on the menu and unashamedly order it without fail on each arrival, The Italian Job: A ciabatta bread topped with roasted red onion and filled with chicken, pesto, mozzerrella cheese and red peppers. I’m drooling on my keyboard just thinking of it.

A perfect place for a clan of McMahon women to meet for an obligatory catch up, gossip and to indoctrinate our newest member into the circle of Ladies who Lunch.

Hot Chocolate in a Teapot