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Recipe: Sweet Potato and Goats Cheese Gratin

12 Mar

We never called a potato gratin a gratin in our house growing up. It was called layer-dy cheese potatoes. No words were spared with eloquently phrased meals like Eggs-Beaten-Up-In-A-Cup and the ever reoccurring (being the only thing my Dad could make) Mince Dinner.

But call it what you may: cheese, cream, potatoes, all baked together. You can’t beat that shizz for comfort food.


Sweet Potato and Goats Cheese Gratin:

Serves two



1 large sweet potato

1 small white potato

1 onion

1 pint of stock

knob (heh) of butter

Dash of cream

50g goats cheese



Preheat oven

Slice potatoes and onion as thin as possible

Add potatoes to pan of boiling stock, reduce heat and simmer until soft

Drain and cool

Layer into a lightly greased oven proof dish

Drizzle with cream  and top with goats cheese, chopped rosemary and seasoning.

Put in top shelf of oven until golden  and lovely and bubbly (around 10 mins).

Serve with salad.