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What’s Love Got To With It?

14 Feb

You’d presume that on a day like today, a day of chocolates and flowers and declarations of “I Love You!”, that this entry would be all about aphrodisiacs and lazy brunch recipes. But no, today’s post is about hate.

Hate is possibly too strong a word. Disdain? Disapproval? Whatever the synonym, it’s a feeling I’ve been harbouring for the past few days.

After a disastrous episode in the kitchen that I don’t care to dwell on (but I’ll briefly mention that my attempt at Eggs Benedict was a catastrophic mess) I have decided to focus all my energy in hating (or disapproving) the depraved new T.V show which I blame  for my culinary calamity, The Fabulous Baker Brothers.

Now, if you’ve never seen the show I’ll give you a quick summary. The Fabulous Baker Brothers is a new cookery show on Channel4 with a one line pitch that says it all, “Henry and Tom Herbert are butcher and baker brothers on a mission to prove baking’s not just for girls”. They do. And then some. They take the idea of a male targeted cookery show, pump it with testosterone and give it some knives. Some really big knives.

The formula is simple, replace obvious cooking instructions with some manly ones, for example “Dust with flour” is clearly too feminine, why not try fling? Or whack? Or possibly open fire? (Ha, I joke, but you get the picture) Besides that, throw in  the occasional grunt, a few “grr’s” and “arrr’s”  and cut to scenes of the cheeky lads scuffling around, dimly clubbing each other with baguettes and raw meat et voilà! A show that is definitely not for girls, like a Yorkie Bar but without the sweet after-taste.

I don’t know, perhaps I’m just cranky that my breakfast was a flop, perhaps I just hate being excluded but I really don’t think another two macho male chefs is what Channel4 viewers are screaming out for. I thought we had enough with Blumenthal and Ramsay?

On another note, I will give some praise to Gordon, he does know how to treat the ladies. Men take note.

Happy Valentines Day.